Always Sunny

Journeying every day towards the dream life

Lessons learned along the journey toward the dream life. 

Making Small Talk, BIG Talk

Small talk. "The weather is beautiful today." Reply, "That's so great, it's going to snow on the weekend." Response, "Wow crazy weather these days."

We small talk because it's safe and it's easy. But it's lazy, too. There's so much value in connecting with someone. Hearing what they're passionate about and sharing in their dream. 

Why not talk to someone about what they love most instead? Why does "small" talk have to be small? 

There is one simple question that gets the conversation into a meaningful place. The question: "What did you do last night?"

So simple. But instead of asking the traditional "how are you" it asks something deeper. How do you choose to spend your time? 

Every time I ask this question, even to people I don't know well, they share beautiful things.

Everyone has a story waiting to be told and this question gives people the permission to share. 

"I was working on my book last night."

"I was at my daughter's science presentation last night."

"I was learning to code with an online course last night."

The people around us are doing amazing things but we miss them if we're afraid to connect. Let's make small talk BIG talk. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

The weather will be just fine without us.