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Journeying every day towards the dream life

Lessons learned along the journey toward the dream life. 

The 4:30am Challenge

I am going to wake up every day for the next 21 days at 4:30am. Today is the first day. It's 5am and I have already had breakfast, started this blog post and fed Minnie. FTW! 

I was doing research for my Unstuck Conference and came across a TED Talk highlighting the idea of waking up early. 

Some of the most successful people have the habit and I wanted to try it on for size too.

I also think there is a beauty in doing something that is counter to the norm. It gives us an "outsider" perspective and helps us notice things we might otherwise miss when in the mainstream. 

It also highlights the concept of time. We have so much of it outside of our 8am to 6pm jobs. And it is truly up to us how we want to spend it. Changing up the routine puts a focus on free time and is helping me to be even more deliberate about how I spend it. 

Day 1 and I'm already a fan. :)