Always Sunny

Journeying every day towards the dream life

Lessons learned along the journey toward the dream life. 

Making Small Talk, BIG Talk

Small talk. "The weather is beautiful today." Reply, "That's so great, it's going to snow on the weekend." Response, "Wow crazy weather these days."

We small talk because it's safe and it's easy. But it's lazy, too. There's so much value in connecting with someone. Hearing what they're passionate about and sharing in their dream. 

Why not talk to someone about what they love most instead? Why does "small" talk have to be small? 

There is one simple question that gets the conversation into a meaningful place. The question: "What did you do last night?"

So simple. But instead of asking the traditional "how are you" it asks something deeper. How do you choose to spend your time? 

Every time I ask this question, even to people I don't know well, they share beautiful things.

Everyone has a story waiting to be told and this question gives people the permission to share. 

"I was working on my book last night."

"I was at my daughter's science presentation last night."

"I was learning to code with an online course last night."

The people around us are doing amazing things but we miss them if we're afraid to connect. Let's make small talk BIG talk. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

The weather will be just fine without us. 

The 4:30am Challenge

I am going to wake up every day for the next 21 days at 4:30am. Today is the first day. It's 5am and I have already had breakfast, started this blog post and fed Minnie. FTW! 

I was doing research for my Unstuck Conference and came across a TED Talk highlighting the idea of waking up early. 

Some of the most successful people have the habit and I wanted to try it on for size too.

I also think there is a beauty in doing something that is counter to the norm. It gives us an "outsider" perspective and helps us notice things we might otherwise miss when in the mainstream. 

It also highlights the concept of time. We have so much of it outside of our 8am to 6pm jobs. And it is truly up to us how we want to spend it. Changing up the routine puts a focus on free time and is helping me to be even more deliberate about how I spend it. 

Day 1 and I'm already a fan. :) 


High Fives for Being Misunderstood

Why is being misunderstood a good thing?

Because it often means that you are seeing and reacting to something that others don't yet see or predict.

Next time you feel uncomfortable when going against the grain, think about what you might be seeing that others don't. 


Back in the day when cigarettes were mainstream, those who did not smoke because they had an inkling that smoking was bad were misunderstood. "Why were they so uptight that they didn't smoke?"

But then the truth that nonsmokers predicted was announced and their behavior was no longer misunderstood.

In fact, it was the mainstream who misunderstood.


Today is your life

We all have a dream image of our future life. 

One day we'll have the perfect partner, the perfect job, the perfect life. 

But life is a journey, not an end scenario. 

And TODAY is your life. Think about that. Today is more your life than that dream. 

And today holds more excitement than that future because it is full of true possibilities.  

Real possibilities. But we'll only see them if we're actually present today. 

It's Always Sunny Above the Clouds

One day when I was flying to Florida, it was terribly rainy on the ground. Dark, gloomy and depressing. 

After flying through a few minutes of storm clouds, we found ourselves above the clouds. And above the clouds, it was bright, sunny and happy. It was like the rain never happened, because there it never did. 

It's Always Sunny Above the Clouds. 

And when I saw this, I realized that the world that we observe is only one possibility. If we can change our perspective to fly above the clouds, there is always a brighter path up. 

This week I launched a lifestyle conference brand called Skyrocket Summits that will host events that help people change their perspective so they can live where it's Always Sunny. Above the Clouds.